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Friday, 20 April 2018

Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire to take on Service 204

Stagecoach Gillmoss Depot are to take over Operation of Service 204 from Sunday 22nd April replacing Avon Buses 202/204 that is being Withdrawn. There will be a couple of differences to the Stagecoach 204 as it will be extended from Dingle Mount to Liverpool One Bus Station and from Alder Hey Hospital to Belle Vale Shopping Centre.

We Understand that the following Alexander Dennis Darts will be used on this service - 34743 (PX55 EDK) 34803 (PX55 EGY) 34804 (PX55 EGZ) 34808 (PX55 EHE)??, 34814 (PX06 DVY) And 34820 (PX06 DWF)

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Edit in Red 21/04/2018

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Arriva North West Fare Changes 18th March 2018

From the 18th March 2018 Arriva will be making a number of changes to their Ticket Prices and Tickets Available, Here is an overlook:


Single Tickets
No Change

Day Tickets
Merseyside Zone Day Ticket will be reduced to £4.40, The Liverpool Plus and Wirral Day Tickets are Withdrawn.

Weekly Tickets
The Merseyside Zone will be reduced to £15 until 28th April, The Southport Weekly Ticket is Withdrawn

CX58 EWW on route 414 to New Brighton

Greater Manchester

Single Tickets
Single Fares in Wythenshawe will not change, In Bolton they will increase by 10p, New Single Ticket introduced on Service 534 (Bolton - Oldhams Estate) Costing £1.50

Day Tickets
The Greater Manchester Day Ticket will now be £4.40

Weekly Tickets
The Greater Manchester Weekly Ticket will now be £15, The Weekly Ticket for Service 10 (Brookehouse - Manchester) will be £12, The Weekly Ticket for Bolton Services 534 (Bolton - Oldhams Estate) and 541 (Bolton - Toppings Estate) will be £12. New Horwich Weekly Ticket introduced Valid on Service 575 between Bolton and Horwich Crown Hotel and Service 576 Bolton - Horwich Old Lords Estate from 8th April costing £9.

MX59 FGD on route 362 to Chorley


Single Tickets
Single Fares will increase by 10p

Day Tickets
No Change

Weekly Tickets
No Change

CX07 CVB on route 4

The North West and Wales Weekly Ticket will also increase to £18

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Merseyside Independents Fleet Update February 2018

This month we have changes from Two operators:


New Additions
Optare Versa's YJ61 JJK and YJ61 JJU are now in use, more are due out any day now

Out The Fleet
Optare Solo SRs YJ65 EUZ, YJ65 EVY, YJ16 DZO & YJ16 DZP are out the Fleet, YJ65 EUY should follow soon.

YJ16 DZP on route 139

HTL Buses

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter BF62 JZT and BF62 JZU have been Withdrawn

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Friday, 9 February 2018

First Bus To Withdraw Three Bus Services in Bolton

EDIT From 16th Feb!

From the 8th April First Bolton are to withdrawn their 571 and 572 Services Bolton to Great Leaver and Service 575 Bolton to Horwich Old Lords Estate.

Alexander Dennis Enivro 400 SN12 ANF on route 575

Vision Bus are going to replace First on the 571/572 services, Diamond Bus have also registered the 571 and 572 Services, The 575 will see two operators stepping in as Diamond Bus have registered a 575 Service and Arriva have registered a 576 Service, It is believed both will follow the exact same route as the current First 575 Service.

Wright Pulsar 2 CX58 EUY on route 575
It is advised to keep an eye on the TFGM Website for further information including Timetables for the services.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Merseyside Independents Fleet Changes January 2018

January was overall a quiet month with Changes coming in with only One operator.


The following Optare Solos are now withdrawn, X176 NWR, MX53 FDF, MX53 FDU, MX53 FDY, MX54 KYH, MX05 EMV, MX57 CDU And MX09 MJK

Optare Solos YS02 UCD, VU52 UEM and YN04 LXA where withdrawn at the start of this month but was reinstated a few weeks later.

Optare Solo MX53 FDU on route 101
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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Merseyside Independents Fleet Changes December 2017

It has been a quiet month on Merseyside with only 2 changes to note:


Optare Solo MX54 KYH has been reinstated

Out The Fleet
Following the loss of the Metroshuttle Contract in Bolton Optare Versa Hybrids YJ11 ENT and YJ11 ENU have moved to Vision Bus.

Wright Gemini 1 LX05 FBU has been withdrawn

HTL Buses

Optare Solo YD63 VCG has been declared SORN, I believe this will only be for a short period of time while it has RTA Damage repaired.

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Merseyside Independents Fleet Changes November 2017

A2B Travel


Optare Solos MX05 ELW and MX09 AOR are Withdrawn
MX05 ELW on route 155



Optare Solo YN53 ZWJ, Dennis Trident X664 WCH and Bluebird Orion YX62 AYO have been Withdrawn.

Out the Fleet

Optare Solo VX51 RBF has been scrapped

Hattons Travel


Transbus International Dart MX04 AXR has joined the fleet

Link Network


New here is Wheel Forward Streetlite MX12 CFU

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